Who Are Worse Drivers Women or Men?

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It’s an age old debate, who are better drivers men or women? Since traditionally “cars” are seen as a “guy thing” many people believe that men are the superior sex when it comes to driving. However, contrary to popular belief, women drivers actually pay cheaper car insurance premiums. Does this mean that women are in fact not only the better smelling sex, but also better drivers?

Why do women drivers pay cheaper car insurance?

Insurance companies have discovered that women tend to get into less severe accidents than males. “Less severe” accidents means that the the insurance company pays out a lower amount per claim. As a result, insurance companies charge women drivers less than they would male drivers as they can pass the savings on to them.

What about the social myth that women are bad drivers?

While it is true that women are involved in less severe accidents, women drivers as a whole are involved in more accidents than males. In order to understand this better we must talk about frequency and severity.

Frequency vs. Severity

One person can get into a whole bunch of small accidents while another person can get into just one big accident. Who will cost the insurance company more? Studies have shown that the one big accident will cost more than a slew of minor accidents.

For example, if we have Cindy who gets into three “fender benders” that cost the insurance company $3,000. We can see how that doesn’t compare to Jake who gets into one huge highway accident causing multiple causalities, injuries and property damage. The fees for court expenses alone would dwarf Cindy’s claims.

How can women save on car insurance then?

The best way for women drivers to get cheap car insurance is to shop around. Take advantage of websites like ours that allow you to compare rates from many companies. You can not only compare rates but also buy online. This way you get even more savings passed on to you and not just because you’re a woman, but because you’re a smart woman!

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