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Automobile insurance prices have jumped up in West Virginia over the last three years. In fact, the average paid premium in West Virginia has increased 115% from 2005. In 2008, the average West Virginian spent $1,846 on their insurance policy. West Virginians that want a break on their vehicle insurance should be taking the time to research varying companies to find the cheapest price.

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What are the Coverage Requirements in West Virginia?

West Virginia’s auto insurance laws are governed by the tort system. Under the “tort system” each driver is responsible for paying for the costs of the damages they do to someone else. The coverage they must have breaks down into two types: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. These coverages have the following minimum amount:

  • Bodily injury per person is $20,000
  • Bodily injury per accident is $40,000
  • Property damage liability is $10,000

These coverages are the minimum requirement and it is highly recommended that you purchase more coverage to cover your financial assets in the event that you are sued for damages above and beyond your policy limits.

What are my Auto Insurance Rights in West Virginia?

Contact the West Virgina Department of Insurance for a clarification of your rights and responsibilities.

Consumer Service Div.
West Virginia Insurance Commission
PO Box 50540
Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0540

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