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In Vermont auto insurance rates have decreased by 2% from 2009 until now. The average driver in Vermont pays about $105 per month on insurance which isn’t bad considering the national average is $152 a month. If you’re from Vermont and you’re paying more than the average you may want to look to another insurer. By getting proactive about your auto insurance needs and making it a yearly habit of comparing auto insurance quotes you can significantly lower insurance expenses for the long run.

Vermont Auto Insurance Requirements

Vermont law requires all drivers to have the following auto insurance coverages with the stated dollar amount or higher:

  • Bodily injury per person is $25,000
  • Bodily injury per accident is $50,000
  • Property damage liability is $10,000

Keep in mind these are these stated limits are the very minimum amount of coverage you may have by law. Most insurance experts agree that it is wise to have much more liability coverage than stated in order to protect your assets in the event you are sued. Read Types of Coverage for more information on coverage options.

Additional Information on Vermont Auto Insurance

Get more information by contacting the Vermont Department of Insurance.

Mailing Address:
Vermont Div. of Insurance
89 Main St. Drawer 20
Montpelier, VT 05620-3101
Phone: 1-802-828-3301

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