Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

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Personal Injury Protection or PIP pays benefits for the cost of personal injuries occurring from a car accident. Coverage applies regardless of who is “at fault” in the accident. It applies only to personal injuries, and it does not cover damage to property such as to your vehicle or the third party’s property.

It will pay out up to the limit described in your policy for things such as your hospital bill caused by your bodily injuries resulting from the accident. Also in some states, PIP can cover you if you are a pedestrian that is hit by a car, so it does not just cover typical auto collisions. Coverage is provided on a per person – per accident basis. Personal injury protection is not available in all states.

Who does PIP cover?

  • Name Insured
  • Additional policy members
  • Vehicle occupants at time of accident that are not listed on your policy

Should I get PIP coverage?
If you don’t have a good health insurance plan that would cover you in such cases than it is a good idea to look into getting this coverage.

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