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As of 2011, Michigan drivers pay the second highest auto insurance premiums in the nation. The average Michigan auto insurance quote is $2,098. MI car owners need a break fast. That is why it is important that you compare quotes from different insurance companies. This way you’ll find out who has the best rates and who has the worst. You’ll also get a good understanding of how much your insurance should be and if you are paying too much.

The fact is Michigan auto insurance premiums shouldn’t be so high. We’re doing our part by allowing you to compare quotes, it’s up to you to find the cheaper alternative and vote with your wallet. Don’t give the insurance companies more money than you need to. Shop for Michigan car insurance the smart way!

Compare Michigan Auto Insurance Quotes


Quotes Available in ALL of Michigan, including Erie, Lansing, Southfield, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Bay City, Troy, Kalamazoo, and Ann Arbor.

Michigan Car Insurance Coverages

Michigan has made driving with insurance mandatory. All insured drivers must have as part of their insurance package: bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

In addition, drivers must be covered up to the limit prescribed by law. Michigan law states that the minimum for bodily injury per person is $20,000, while the minimum for bodily injury per accident is $40,000. What is bodily injury liability? Michigan law requires that property damage liability be equal or more than $10,000. What is property damage liability?

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