How to Not Get Into an Accident this Winter

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Winter can be scary, for many reasons. Downed power lines, no electricity, icy streets-all make for very difficult driving conditions. No one wants to drive in the ice and snow, but there are times that it’s needed. There are a few ways to avoid getting into a winter accident.

Here are a few winter driving tips to help you navigate the scary streets:

• Don’t drive! Yes this may sound rather obvious, but the best way to avoid a winter accident in a car is to stay in! If you cannot stay in, it is very wise to use public transportation or taxi to get to school or work.

• If you simply cannot stay home or take public transportation, then make sure your car is ready for winter. By putting winter tires on your car you can reduce your chances at getting into a winter accident. Also, ensure that your car has at least half a tank of gas, has fluids topped off and that your windshield wipers are in working order.

• Another safe winter driving tip is to always look ahead and steer where you’d like to go. This means to look where you are going at all times, and steer in that direction. Keep your eyes on your road, and don’t look cell phones, mess with radios or food while driving in the snow.

• Always make sure that you and all of your passengers are wearing seat belts. Even a small slip on the ice can cause someone to be jarred and shaken around a car like a martini. Wearing your seat belt is an way to avoid an accident requiring medical attention.

When looking to drive in the snow, you’ll need to remember to be attentive and focused. This can be hard when you’re anxious about the driving conditions. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, and to take your time. Everyone else should be going just as slowly as you, and no job or school will fault you for taking your time to avoid a winter accident.

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