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Where Can I Compare Home Insurance Quotes?

This site has been designed to let you customize the way you learn about property insurance. You can compare quotes online and buy a renters, condo, or home insurance policy. You can start a quote online today to compare the rates, discounts and payment plans offered through our partners.

Do I Need House Insurance?

House insurance coverages are fairly standard between companies as they have been regulated by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Keep in mind, however, the rates will still vary between insurers. If you are unsure if you need house insurance ask yourself do you fall into the following categories:

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  • You own and live in a house
  • You rent or lease your house
  • You own and live in a condo


Which Companies Provide Cheap Property Insurance Quotes?

Since every company sets different rates, when shopping for house insurance quotes it is important to shop around. Each company has their own rating systems that they charge depending on how “high risk” your home is to damage. Therefore, you should compare home insurance rates at least once a year as prices between companies tend to fluctuate annually.

What Types of House Insurance Coverage Exist?

All home insurance provides property and liability coverage as well as some form of “loss of use from damage”. There are many types of homeowners packages you can purchase. To keep things simple, we will only show the packages for personal homeowners coverage.

    • Homeowners 1 (HO-1)

A basic house insurance policy which covers your house from 10 specified perils.

    • Homeowners 2 (HO-2)

A broad property insurance policy which covers your home and contents (belongings) from 16 specified perils.

    • Homeowners 3 (HO-3)

An “All perils” policy covering everything other than those excluded perils.

    • Homeowners 4 (HO-4)

A house insurance policy for people that rent. While it does not insure your actual home, it provides liability coverage as well as 16 named perils.

    • Homeowners 6 (HO-5)

A homeowners coverage for people that own a condo covering the owner’s unit as well as liability insurance.

    • Homeowners 8 (HO-8)

A policy suited for those with older, less expensive homes. This covers the same perils as in HO-2, however, only pays to repair the home and not replace it. The reason being is that the home may cost much more to replace than to repair. To learn more about property insurance, read How Insurance Works to get a better understanding of what coverages are offered.