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It is common knowledge that smart shoppers that take the time to compare prices from many companies are the ones that get the best deal. This couldn’t be more true for the person that compares auto insurance quotes online. Even though comparison shopping online can save you money, savvy consumers should be aware of certain things to look out for before they start.

How Many Quotes?

There is no point if you compare quotes from just two insurers, you are better off throwing a dart at a map of insurance companies and buying from the one you hit. If the site you are comparing quotes from gives you quotes from less than five companies or doesn’t even say where they get the quotes from you should try somewhere else. Ideally, you want to compare quotes from over ten companies.

Privacy Protection

Anytime you give out your personal information online make sure the page you are doing it on has a secure connection that is protected. An easy way to tell if the page is protected is if in your web browser’s URL address bar the website’s address starts with a “https://” instead of “http://”. The extra “s” means that the site is on a secure connection and your information cannot be compromised while being sent. Check out the image below for an example.

Security Https://

Another thing you should look for are images from VeriSign Secured and Truste Privacy that when clicked on show a “pop up” from those companies explaining what they do. Clicking on VeriSign Secured shows that the site is operating on a secure connection. Clicking on the Truste Privacy image will show that the site is being monitored to make sure they are complaint with their privacy policy and not selling your information.


It is a complete waste of your time to get rates that are inaccurate. Some sites, usually ones owned by insurance companies, provide “ballpark” quotes of their competitors alongside their rates. This is likely because they haven’t updated their system to account for the amount of rate changes insurance companies go through in a year. BIG TIP: An easy way to tell if you are getting accurate rates is if you can buy your policy online after you have completed your quote. Make sense?

Real time, Instant Quotes

This simply means that you can compare rates online. The majority of sites advertising “comparison rates” are actually passing your information of to a broker who will contact you with the available rates. There is nothing wrong with this, other than that you have to wait on the broker to call you. If you do not have prior car insurance we highly recommend you use such sites to find a reputable broker online because you may have some questions they can answer. Also it is very difficult online to provide accurate quotes for someone with no prior insurance.

If you do currently have car insurance or have had prior insurance, you should do a quote with our site. We have partnered with a majority of insurance companies to provide you quotes online in real-time. You can start a quote by filling out the quote box on the side or read our Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more.

Should You Buy Online?

Before you buy auto insurance online you should make sure the site you are buying from has three things.

  • Security
  • Good Price
  • Reputable Company

Insurance companies have been selling auto insurance on the internet since 1997, so it’s fair to say that the companies offering insurance online have their sites well secured. If you are unsure remember our tips from above about Privacy Protection. If the page that you are entering your payment information on isn’t secure than don’t proceed to check out. Instead, pick up the phone and give the company a call to arrange alternative payment.

On the other hand if the site is secure, you’ve received a good price and it’s from a quality insurance company than you have just solved your insurance dilemma and have hopefully purchased your first policy online.

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