Do I have to report a speeding ticket to my insurance company?

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So you we’re driving too fast and the police have written you up. You either decided to fight it in court or not and will accept the fine. After paying your ticket (which I like to see as charitable contribution to the state), you suddenly realize “Oh my god will my insurance company jack up my rates?”. You also wonder if you should inform your insurance company about the speeding ticket. To answer this we have to see if you fall under two scenarios.

Scenario #1

You already have car insurance and you’ve been convicted of speeding. In this case you do not have to tell your insurance company about the ticket. Why? Because they will find out on their own. How you may ask? Every year or two, insurers pull your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) which they use to update your driving record (your rating).

Will my rates go up as soon as I get a speeding ticket?

Unless you have insanely bad luck then “no it wont”. Why? Because your insurance company will update your MVR only when you renew your auto insurance. It is unlikely they will pull your MVR during your policy term and update your rates to immediately reflect your speeding ticket.

Can’t I just go with another insurance company at renewal?

Ah no. Because any insurance company will pull your most up to date Motor Vehicle Report. Plus you’ll be dinged if you cancel early.

How can I NOT get screwed by this darn speeding ticket?

What you can do is compare insurance companies. Simply use our quoting tool and plug in your speeding ticket and see which company will give you the lowest rate. As each company charges higher or lower rates based on a speeding ticket, you can find out which company is going to screw you the least. Hey if you’re going to get screwed you might as well make it as least painful as possible right?

Scenario #2

I can’t even believe I’m going to speak on this situation but I just want to cover all the bases. If you don’t have car insurance and get a speeding ticket (Yes this does happen as the police don’t always ask for proof of insurance). And decide “hey maybe I should give this insurance thing a shot”, then you should absolutely tell your new insurance company you have a speeding ticket and whatever crazy things you’ve done as a driver. Getting caught for lying to your insurance company isn’t fun.

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