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Do you make under $28,000? No I’m not judging you. Do you have a clean driving record? That means no tickets in the last 3 years? No I’m not judging you I swear. Than you could be eligible for California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program. The program which has been in effect since 1999, gives eligible drivers a massive discount on car insurance. In fact, it only will cost you $350 PER YEAR.

Not only that but in an effort to get the estimated 15% of uninsured drivers in California coverage, the government has reduced the costs to $287 and yes that’s per year! California states the reason they were able to reduce the price is that they have received a reduced number of claims over the year and are effectively passing the savings on to you. I love this because this is exactly what insurance companies are supposed to do (instead they jack up rates for no apparent reason most of the time).

Considering I pay about $200 per month this is a steal. Anyone that is eligible can apply at Here’s a commercial with more details.

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