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What Do We Do?

InsuranceQuotesFor.Me is your online resource for educating you on the auto insurance buying process. Use our site to learn things such as the insurance information particular to your state or to get a better understanding of what each coverage provides. We have taken care to cover every angle of the online auto insurance buying experience and have helpful guides that can lead you in the right direction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with high quality up-to-date information specific to buying auto insurance and comparing car insurance rates. We strive to create a user friendly experience and we hope you find what you are looking for on our site.

Our Very Humble Beginnings

InsuranceQuotesFor.Me is operated by insurance professionals. Our founder worked for over 15 years in many positions in the insurance industry including underwriting, claims and developing the rating systems in the IT department. He found, regardless of where he worked, his greatest asset was his ability to explain to anyone, in easy to understand language, the complex workings of insurance. Hoping to alleviate the public’s misinformation with insurance as well as their inherit mistrust of insurance companies, InsuranceQuotesFor.Me was created to re-educate auto insurance consumers.

Our Philosophy

By educating the public on how auto insurance works, we believe that together we can lower auto insurance rates across the country. How? With more knowledgeable customers comes more responsible drivers which should lead to less accidents and less infractions. Let’s keep our streets safe for our husbands, wives, and children and let’s keep insurance rates down for our bank accounts!